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Napier Adds ‘President of a Small Business’ to his Résumé

For most college students, the saying “taking care of business” refers to the grueling amount of homework that never ceases to exist. But for Hobart junior Jake Napier, as president of a small business venture, this saying takes on a slightly different meaning. Whether he is dealing with production, managing inventory, or handling distribution, one thing is certain: business is good! In January 2008, Napier, a California native, embarked on a business enterprise dubbed FullBodyFilms, which manufactures protection accessories for iPhones. As an iPhone owner himself, Napier searched the market for a satisfactory scratch protector that would shield his cell phone from daily wear-and-tear. Although his exploration led him to a vast product market, Napier discovered many inadequacies with the products already available. “I realized that there was a shortcoming with one of the iPhone products and decided to capitalize on that shortcoming by making a product of my own,” said Napier. From this, Napier produced the Protective Pack, a blessing for iPhone owners. Unlike other film products, the Protective Pack includes a static cling front film and an adhesive rear film to provide nearly complete body coverage. For an extremely inexpensive price in comparison to its competitors, the FullBodyFilms Protective Pack provides scratch resistance while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the iPhone. In the two and a half months since the start of this entrepreneurship, Napier has experienced remarkable success. Recently, FullBodyFilms has received rave reviews from, one of the industry’s most acclaimed critics, and there has been an increase in demand for this merchandise on the global market. Due to this thriving success, Napier aspires to expand the FullBodyFilm product line in the near future. With hopes of attending business school and one day becoming a small business owner, there is no denying that this project has been a tremendous learning experience. Working alongside Professor of Economics William Waller, Napier is currently engaged in an independent study in which he examines e-commerce and the steps that are necessary to start your own Internet-based business. While one of the most arduous aspects of the process is understanding the legalities of it all, Napier firmly states, “This will definitely help me become a better entrepreneur down the road.” At only 20 years of age, this public policy major and economics minor has demonstrated that age is of no importance when it comes to accomplishing your goals, no matter how implausible they may seem to others. “If you have an idea and the drive, you can make it happen,” says Napier. “You don’t need to be out of school to start your career.” For all of you tech savvy individuals and iPhone lovers, check out the FullBodyFilms headquarters at

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