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New Club: Wildlife Aesthetic Enthusiasts

“We came up with a great idea, bounced it around between a few of us, then spent last semester learning how to be a club,” says Jamie Hutchins ’08, a biology major. Currently, Wildlife Aesthetic Enthusiasts (WAE) has 10 to 15 members and some big plans. WAE’s focus is educating local children, especially at-risk kids, about the world around them. They hope to integrate the Boys and Girls Club and the HWS Big Brothers/Big Sisters program with WAE events. “Part of our original idea is to take kids around Seneca Lake and do a creative arts project. We do not just want to hike through the woods. Our group kind of puts together the ideals of ORAP and Campus Greens and adds the idea of teaching and art,” says Hutchins. Though they may seem similar to other clubs on campus, Hutchins and T.J. Radzwich ’09, who will be president of the group next year, want to make it clear that their group is different from the others. “We saw a problem with people not appreciating where they live. We are trying to impact kids about the importance of the environment and conservation,” Hutchins said. The Wildlife Aesthetic Enthusiasts hope to expose young kids to what is around them and see the world, starting in their own backyards. “There are so many parks within 30 minutes of Geneva that I didn’t even know existed until I went out there and began exploring the area,” says Radzwich. The members of the WAE hope to start these environmental events with kids this year and continue strong next fall. Their environmental arts program will be a full day event, allowing children to express themselves and learn more about the environment at the same time.