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Gearan Discusses Elections on Radio

President Mark Gearan was a guest Jan. 19 on the Finger Lakes Morning News of the Finger Lakes News Network. President Gearan discussed the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses and how they differ from a primary. When asked who he thought will be the winner among the four deadlocked Democratic candidates, Gearan said it will be whoever gets out their supporters on such a cold day.

“The Iowa caucus demands tremendous organizational strength. Who can get these bodies to go to a very cold night in January for a couple of hours for their candidate?” said Gearan.

Gearan is the former director of the Peace Corps and communications director for the Clinton White House. He served as Al Gore's campaign manager during the 1992 presidential campaign, and began his career working on the Dukakis campaign.

Today's radio show aired throughout the Finger Lakes region on WSFW 1110 AM, WGVA 1240 AM, WCGR 1550 AM, and WAUB 1590 AM.