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A Lesson in Campaigning

Christina Amestoy ’11 and Nathan Campbell ’11 made a nearly 300 mile trek from Geneva, N.Y., to Doylestown, Pa., to help the Barack Obama Campaign engage voters for the upcoming primary. Together with a group of eight Rochester Institute of Technology seniors, Amestoy and Campbell spent a weekend canvassing neighborhoods and providing the electorate with information about Obama. “It was so much fun being involved in the campaign again and feeling like I am able to do something to help,” says Amestoy, who also assisted Obama’s team in preparation for the Ohio primary in March. “The group of people that we traveled with and those who we met down in Pennsylvania were really interesting, fun and all dedicated to the Obama campaign for one reason or another.” “I had wanted to get involved with the campaign and feel like I was personally making a difference,” Campbell says. “I believe this is an historic campaign, regardless of whether or not he wins, because it is a revolution in grassroots organizing as well as political involvement.” Amestoy, who is an anticipated political science major as well as an active member of HWS Votes, the HWS chapter of Amnesty International and Student Activists for Darfur, contacted an organizer within the Obama Campaign who connected her with the volunteers from RIT. They were able to give Amestoy and Campbell transportation and a group with whom they could coordinate their efforts. The group walked through the neighborhoods of Doylestown, going to homes of registered Democrats to remind them of the upcoming primary election and ask them which candidate they would be supporting. “We went canvassing on both Saturday and Sunday,” Amestoy says, “and as a group, we estimated that we knocked on over 400 doors. As a pair, Nate and I knocked on about 90 doors.” “I really saw politics in action while we were there,” says Campbell, an anticipated international relations major. “It was inspiring to see such a diverse group of supporters at the headquarters everyday and watch as they put their eagerness into working action. I learned a lot of fundamental campaigning rules and quirks by just being there.”