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Graduating with Honors

During the 2007-2008 academic year, 20 Hobart and William Smith students successfully completed Honors projects. They were recognized, along with their advisers, at a Porch Party given by Provost and Dean of Faculty Teresa Amott; their accomplishments will also be noted in this year’s Commencement programs. The Hobart and William Smith Honors Program allows students to complete work at the most sustained and sophisticated level available in the Colleges’ curriculum. Qualified students take two or three self-designed courses that concentrate on the same project and are guided throughout their exploration by a faculty adviser. In addition to the culminating Honors project, usually a research or critical paper or its counterpart in the creative arts, each Honors candidate takes a written examination in their Honors field and an oral examination that covers both the Honors project and the written examination. Receiving Honors this year are: Mark L. Abroms, Psychology Implications of Attachment Styles and Conflict Resolution Strategies on Relationship Satisfaction: Integration of Behavioral and Self-Report Measures Masataka Nunokawa, Adviser Cristina M. Bain, Sociology Heroic Suffering: The Gender Identity Construction of Revolutionary Identities in Vietnamese Women Jack D. Harris, Adviser Amanda K. Bartlett, Writing and Rhetoric To Pierce the Infinite Blur: Finding Place Mary M. Salibrici, Adviser Joseph P. Bochynski, Studio Art Suburban Imagery and Irony Michael Bogin, Adviser Vincent L. DeFabo, Political Science Never Safe: How the U.S. Policy of Prevention Has Made the Country Vulnerable and Why a Defense Strategy of Resiliency Can Save Lives, Limit Property Loss, and Minimize Economic Damage Kevin C. Dunn, Adviser Margaret S. Egan, English A Room with Two Mattresses and Other Strange Places Melanie M. L. Conroy-Goldman, Adviser Felipe Estefan, Media and Society Los Tres Amigos or Just Three Friends: Exploring the Question of Mexican Cinema through the Films of Alejandro Gonzàlez Iñàrritu, Alfonso Cuarón, and Guillermo Del Toro Lester D. Friedman, Adviser Deirdra A. Evers, Chemistry Rewiring Technology: The Synthesis and Characterization of Ferrocene Based Molecular Wire Candidates Christine M. R. de Denus, Adviser Julius G. Ferraro, Theatre Monalisa Exiled Professor Robert Gross, Adviser Adam J. Giambrone, Mathematics A Vertex-Magic Edge Labeling Game for Graphs with Cycles Erika L. C. King, Adviser Jamie L. Hutchins, Biology Reproductive Tactics in Drosphila Sulfurigaster: The Effects of Genetic and Environmental Factors on the Maintenance and Evolution of Behavioral Polymorphisms David C. Droney, Adviser Sadé M. Jones, Psychology A Social Psychological Examination of the Predictors of Positive and Negative Interracial Interactions on Predominantly White College Campuses Jonathan L. Iuzzini, Adviser Kathleen L. Kohl, Public Policy Ethics and Policy in Long-Term Care: What Does Justice Require? Steven P. Lee, Adviser Andrew M. Meunier, Education First Steps: Investigating College Students’ Initial Encounters with Advanced Mathematics Paul E. Kehle, Adviser Christine S. Moskell, Environmental Studies The Human Ecology of the Local Foods Movement: A Personal Perspective Paul E. Kehle, Adviser Elspeth W. Scott, Comparative Literature Candles in the Night: Exploring Authenticity and Memory Michael N. Dobkowski, Adviser Shyamia A. Stone, Psychology The Implicit Rapist: Theory, Myth, and Personal Responsibility Jonathan L. Iuzzini, Adviser Rachel A.M. Sumner, Psychology Einstein and Me: Personality Moderators of Assimilation and Contrast Effects Ronald Friedman, Adviser Elliott T. Taxman, Sociology The Socialization and Professionalism of the Modern Physician T. Dunbar Moodie, Adviser Courtney R. Wilson, Environmental Studies The Clean Development Machanism – A Post-2012 International Policy Proposal Thomas Drennen, Adviser

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