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Deutchman Featured on Political Media

Professor of Political Science Iva Deutchman commented about the availability of media in foreign countries for expatriate Americans in the Jan. 22 article “US expats in Holland search for a Democrat champion” from Expatica Communications BV, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Deutchman believes that not having access to political ads and television stories is actually a good thing. Voters who rely on newspapers and the internet, where the quality of information is better, are able to make more informed choices.

“Those voters who are relying solely or 90 percent on television to pick their man are not going to get the same information as those who use better sources, like the New York Times,” she said. “The quality of information on television gives new meaning to the term superficial. Ads are more about image and more about exposure and less about content. Not seeing political ads is wonderful! They do not have much positive effect and their great negative effect is they depress voting turnout.”