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Deutchman Looks at Clinton and Sexism

Iva Deutchman, professor of political science at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, was a guest on “Conversations With Kathleen Dunn,” a Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) program. During the hour-long conversation on Tuesday, June 24, Dunn and Deutchman discussed whether or not there was sexism in the Hillary Clinton campaign and looked at prejudice in the media. They began the conversation referencing a recent New York Times article about the number of complaints the paper received about their coverage of the Clinton campaign and assertions by supporters that sexism dominated media coverage overall. “We live in a society that has some pretty rigid gender roles, even with all the changes and the sort-of post-feminist society we allegedly inhabit, some of these roles are pretty traditional,” says Deutchman, in explaining what every woman running for office is “up against.” She references recent articles in the media that liken gender roles today to those of 1956. The interview also covers Deutchman’s analysis of the decline of women in the Republican party, which she refers to as “very scary,” especially in light of the fact that there are no African American Republicans in Congress at the moment. The fact that Clinton faced a tough campaign is no surprise to Deutchman, who recalls Clinton’s bid for the Senate in 2000. “I saw bumper stickers that said, ‘Not her. Not here. Not now.’ A very controversial figure she was… I think she’s overcome that in Upstate New York, there’s no question … but there are still a lot of people, not in just Upstate New York, who view her as the problematic figure.” Deutchman holds a Ph.D. and a master’s degree in political science from the University of Pennsylvania, and a bachelor’s degree from Hofstra University in political science and economics. She is a professor of 20 plus years who has worked on two continents (Australia and North America). She has a long list of publications in major journals, the latest of which is “The Ideology of Moderate Republicans in the House,” written with colleague DeWayne Lucas and published in The Forum. In recent months, Deutchman has been a regular interviewee on the topic of Sen. Hillary Clinton and the Clinton campaign. The full interview can be heard on Wisconsin Public Radio.