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Insuring a Future

When the spring semester was coming to a close, Danny Ludman ’10 went to Career Services looking for a summer job. Alumnus John Willet ’86, who previously worked at Lexington Insurance, “must have put in a good word,” says Ludman.

“I sent in an application and my resume to Lexington, and with about a week left of school, I got this call from human resources at Lexington who told me that I had the job.” Ludman, an economics major, is working in the operations department of the insurance company in downtown Boston.

He has a variety of daily tasks; “it seems like it is important duties that they would actually have to do themselves, if I wasn’t taking care of it,” he points out. “It’s not just busy work or getting people coffee.”

At Lexington, Ludman spends his time looking into programs, the policies set for different companies receiving insurance. Whether the program is for golf courses, ski resorts or churches, Ludman has to verify that “everything checks out, making sure that the commissions charged are correct, making sure that all the payments are in and seeing if the payments match the premiums that were charged.”

On campus, Ludman is a member of the Kappa Alpha Society as well as the Investment Club, and plays intramural soccer. Ludman acknowledges how much he has been learning from the internship. “I’ve never worked in insurance before, and there’s a ton of insurance lingo, so often times a lot of the material will be over my head,” he admits. “But I’m starting to pick it up.”