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Creative Output

The chance to be creative has always been a draw for Emily Sheehan ’09. So when she started looking for summer work, she knew that she needed an internship that embraced originality and innovation. This is exactly what she found in HarperCollins’ Creative Development department. The department seeks stories for upcoming HarperCollins releases, makes book proposals and presents manuscripts that could potentially be made into books. Why the Creative Development department? “I’ve always been interested in publishing,” Sheehan said. “I suppose it is a natural progression for an English major to move into that field, but I also think it’s because I like the molding of business and creative output that I am so drawn to the process of publication.” As an intern, Sheehan is getting firsthand experience in the publishing and editing processes. On the publishing side of her internship, she is learning how to read through proposed manuscripts and judge their commercial and literary value. But it’s the editing portion of her work at HarperCollins that Sheehan is most excited about. “The relationship between an editor and a writer is fascinating and important to me,” she said. “An editor can easily shape the entire tone and content of a writer’s work.” Sheehan’s two majors, women’s studies and English, make her a unique intern. “I hope that my women’s studies major will continue to shape the way I see the business world and interact with others,” she explained. “I think it does give me a unique perspective on the relationships formed in the working world, mine especially.” After gaining experience at HarperCollins, Sheehan plans to pursue a career in publishing after graduation next year. She hopes to eventually become an editor herself in the publishing world.