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An Indie and Foreign Flick Intern

Courtney Jones is taking this summer to focus on becoming a film fanatic; Jones ‘09 is spending her summer days in New York City, interning at Film Movement, a grassroots company dedicated to the distribution of critically acclaimed, award-winning independent and foreign films.

While studying in Rome for her spring semester, Jones heard about the small, up and coming company from her father. “He mentioned that considering I’m a media and society minor, Film Movement might be an interesting company for me to look into,” recalls the studio art major. “After doing some research on the company, I fell in love with their mission statement and immediately e-mailed them my resume… I was able to meet with them the following week, one thing led to the next, and I was lucky enough to become one of three interns here.”

Because the company is so small, she explains, she gets to do a little bit of everything at FM. She has already written up presentations and proposals for potential clients, and designed press reviews and press kits for conferences and events.

“Currently, my project is updating our film database on Web sites such as Amazon and Netflix,” she says. As one of only 11 people in the office, Jones is having a great time; “The people who work here are truly excited about their jobs and that, I think, makes all the difference.”

Film Movement has released films from more than 25 countries, including winners from Sundance, Cannes, Tribeca, and many other prestigious film festivals.

On campus, Jones is a resident assistant and writing colleague, the co-captain and dedicated member of an intramural volleyball team, dancer in Koshare, and member of the William Smith Congress. She will also be one of the programming assistant interns for the Center for Global Education this fall. Until then, spending her time in New York City has been “incredible” according to Jones.

“And I can’t lie – getting to see free, independent films all summer isn’t too bad either!”