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Live from Kansas City…

Over the past three years, Genoa Boswell has worked at radio stations and behind the silver screen at a film production company. This summer, she’s moving on to television as an intern at Kansas City Public Television (KCPT), a local PBS station for the greater Kansas City, Missouri area.

She called a few local stations. KCPT was particularly interested in her familiarity with public broadcasting – Boswell worked as the music director at WEOS, the Colleges’ NPR affiliate and did an internship last summer with KCUR (Kansas City’s NPR affiliate).

“I chose KCPT over the others because of their eagerness to have me help with hands-on projects, and not just get coffee and lunch,” Boswell explains.

She helps put together the sets and lighting for local programs, pledge drives and auctions. She also operates the camera for almost all programs, including a live show.

A double major in media and society and English, Boswell laughs, “I still refuse to admit I’m a senior with only a year left,” but finds it easy to admit that working at KCPT has been valuable.

“I’m meeting a lot of people who are just getting started with films of their own, and people who are giving me a lot of hands-on experience that hopefully will help me get a real job in the real world in a year.”

Along with her new-found skills behind the small screen, Boswell has realized how helpful her activities at HWS have been.

“All of my close involvement with WEOS is really going to come in handy, and has already given me a huge hand up.” Aside from the great experiences, Boswell has also seen some other benefits of the job. “I tell my little cousin that I work with Big Bird and Elmo, but Burt and Ernie are such divas,” she laughs.