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WEOS Wins!

Each week, the show “Out of Bounds” can be heard exclusively on WEOS, the Colleges’ radio station and National Public Radio affiliate. This year, at The New York State Broadcasters Association’s (NYSBA) 43rd Annual Awards for Excellence in Broadcasting competition, the show received the 2008 “Best Public Affairs Program Series” award. Tish Pearlman, a broadcast journalist and volunteer, broadcasts half hour news interviews with notable people from all over the Finger Lakes area. The show features discussions on a range of topics, including everything from art and racism, to cooking and sports. The broadcast also showcases local and national musicians, writers and actors. The NYSBA awards are split into three regional categories: New York City and Long Island radio stations; all other major city stations; and the rest of the state’s radio stations, which is the category WEOS falls into. In that category, “There are several dozen at least,” says Aaron Read, station manager. “We intend to submit again,” he says. “I would not be surprised if Tish won next year too!” Created in the spring of 2005, Out of Bounds can be heard exclusively on WEOS, HWS’ National Public Radio affiliate, weekly on Thursdays at 7 p.m.