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Hartz Interns at MTV

Find yourself fantasizing about a job that allows you to meet celebrities while working for global social change? One William Smith junior landed a summer internship that allows her to do just that.

While spending her winter break working for Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign in New Hampshire, Margaret Hartz ’10 discovered a passion not only for politics and activism but for communications and marketing, as well.

“I wanted a summer internship that would encompass all of my newfound interests. MTV U turned out to be the perfect fit,” says the media and society major of her employer, a 24-hour media outlet, broadcasting to more than 750 colleges and universities nationwide.

As a member of the Affiliate Relations department, Hartz is responsible for researching the colleges that subscribe to the station, determining which clubs and departments at those colleges would most benefit from MTV U grants. She pays particular attention to programs that use the media for positive social change.

“’Darfur Now’ is one of my favorite MTV U programs,” Hartz says of the documentary that highlights the genocide in Sudan while showing how the actions of one person can make a difference to millions.

The chance to meet celebrities and visit tapings of top television shows is another one of the perks for Hartz. “I had the opportunity to meet Kim, one of the contestants on the 5th season of America’s Next Top Model, and I met some of the folks in charge of the MTV series, Man and Wife. Later this month, I also hope to get into production and help out at the taping of Engine Room.”

Hartz played lacrosse for two years at William Smith and plans to begin playing squash this season. A leader on and off the field, Hartz is a member of Rising Stars, a group of Herons who have been chosen by their coach to meet regularly and discuss leadership skills. After graduation, Hartz intends to pursue a business degree and start a career in sales and advertising. For additional information about MTV or MTV U, visit their Web site at www.mtvu.com