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40 Years Ago Today

Bobby Kennedy, Muhammad Ali, Jimi Hendrix – these and other icons were making history in 1968. Fortunately, photographers were there to capture these American figures as they made their mark on the world. And fortunately for those of us today, 40 years later, alumnus Sidney Monroe ’81 is showcasing more than 60 of the most defining photographs of 1968 in his Santa Fe, N.M. gallery as part of its “It was 40 Years Ago Today” collection. These photos capture moments in the lives of some of America’s most iconic figures, including Richard Nixon, Bob Dylan, Martin Luther King Jr., Andy Warhol, and Johnny Cash, as well as unforgettable events in American history. The exhibition runs through Sept. 28 in conjunction with “A Time It Was: Bobby Kennedy in the Sixties” by Bill Eppridge. Monroe and his wife, Michelle, opened the 1,700 sq. ft. Monroe Gallery of Photography in 2002, hoping to provide a space in which they could venerate classic, black-and-white humanist and photojournalist photography. On his gallery’s Web site, Monroe states that “the way a photograph can capture time, emotions and feelings makes photography a unique art form. There is a certain mystery about a photo that captivates viewers and causes them to pause in thought.” The Monroe Gallery’s first collection, which highlighted Alfred Eisenstaedt’s works, was hugely successful. Since then, Monroe has showcased works from renowned photographers such as Ernst Haas, Neil Leifer, Arnold Newman, Margaret Bourke-White, Lucien Clergue, Barbara Morgan, Carl Mydans, Shepard Sherbell and Andreas Feininger. Before opening the Monroe Gallery, Monroe and his wife co-owned and operated the SoHo Triad Fine Arts Gallery in New York, which they opened in 1996. After September 11, they chose to relocate to Santa Fe, where they have lived ever since. In a recent interview for PHOTOGRAPH magazine in which his gallery collection was featured, Monroe told Sarah Schmerler that the move to Santa Fe was “almost shocking. We needed a place to live, to start from scratch. But here we are, and it’s fantastic.” Monroe graduated from Hobart with a degree in economics. While at HWS, he was a member of Phi Kappa Tau and the Hobart hockey team. For more information about the Monroe Gallery of Photography, visit http://www.monroegallery.com/index.html. The above photo appears on the Monroe Gallery Web site, and is being used with permissions from the Monroe Gallery.