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An Adventure in Art

Last year, friends Sarah Gummoe ’09 and Zoe Larson ’09 visited Portland, Maine, on a camping trip. This summer, they’re returning for a slightly different purpose: as interns at an art gallery, A Fine Thing: Edward T. Pollack Fine Arts.

At the HWS reunion last summer, Gummoe met alumnus Edward T. Pollack ’55, the owner of the art gallery who had been thinking about employing interns from the HWS community. After discussions with Gummoe and Larson, he decided to hire them both. The two are interested in pursuing careers in the field of art and were excited for what they called the continuation of their adventures in Maine. They have already been exposed to many different elements of the art world and spend the days taking part in the daily events of gallery life.

They explain they do “Everything from painting furniture to assisting in the selection and display of artwork for exhibitions.” Along with working at the gallery, the women are taking a closer look into Portland’s art world.

“We recently attended the opening of the Georgia O’Keefe show at the Portland Museum of Art and went to a lecture by the curator of the new print show,” they report. There are also plans to visit other museums in Maine as well as printmaking workshops and artists’ studios.

On campus at HWS, both Gummoe and Larson are members of the Wildlife Aesthetic Enthusiasts club, and have been active in Orientation. Larson is also co-founder of the club Project Eye-to-Eye, while Gummoe is a dancer and choreographer in Koshare, and recently returned from a semester abroad in Rome.

While working at the gallery, they agree they have had a “Well-rounded taste of what it takes to run a successful gallery.” This is an area they would like to explore in the future. The friends report they have been having a wonderful experience in Portland and Pollack has become “An excellent friend and mentor” as the two gain first-hand experience in the art world.