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Marketing Music & Rocking the Radio

Mike Monteiro ‘10 has a lot on his mind this summer, and most of it concerns beer, sports and rock ‘n’ roll. Working this summer at CBS Radio in Boston, as an intern in the promotions department, he has to know how and to whom to advertise. Monteiro works in a building that houses an oldies station, a classic rock station, and WBCN, ‘Patriots rock radio network.’ Monteiro explains, “I mainly do work for WBCN, because they have the most active promotions department by far. I work with the sales department every day and I usually have to do some marketing.” And, with a target group of males ages 18 – 50, “Our typical clients are beer companies, sports teams and things of that nature,” Monteiro says. After contacting an alum from his high school, one of the promotions managers at WBCN, Monteiro used Career Services to help him complete his resume. This included highlighting his experience at the Colleges’ radio station WEOS, where he is a disc jockey and a music director. During his interview over spring break, he says his experience with a college radio station was called “crucial.” “As a promotions intern, my duties so far have included organizing the ‘street team,’ writing press releases, and contacting potential affiliates to work with us for events,” explains Monteiro. Affiliates have ranged from catering companies and bars to the Boston Police Department and property owners. “The promotions director takes me aside for about two hours every day and teaches me something different about how promotions work.” Monteiro will also be working with the music director of the station later in the summer, where he hopes to develop skills that he can apply to working at WEOS. Aside from his work at the radio station at HWS, he is also a member of Kappa Alpha Society and the Arts Collective. “It sounds like I could have a promising shot at a career in the field, thanks to this internship,” the public policy major adds. In the photo, Monteiro is participating in a blood drive sponsored by the radio station.