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The History of Homeruns

Stored away in private collections across the country is some of the most valuable baseball memorabilia in existence. From Babe Ruth’s jersey to the original copy of the first written modern baseball rulebook. For those of us who can’t make the trek across the country to see all of these astounding collections, there’s a beautiful alternative. It’s the best-selling book Smithsonian Baseball: Inside the World’s Finest Private Collections, and its author is Hobart alumnus Stephen Wong ’89. For those who can make it to New York City, both the book and its author can be found at a book-signing on August 15 at the SmA Store in the Sports Museum of America, located at 26 Broadway. Released in September 2005, the coffee-table book chronicles Wong’s two year odyssey to leave the corporate world and discover 21 of baseball’s largest collectors. The book features revealing stories and over 350 photographs of the best private collections of baseball memorabilia in existence. “More than simple eye candy for the baseball fetishist, the book includes thoughtful essays that delve into collectors’ backgrounds, introducing the reader to an array of people, their quirks and their motivations for collecting,” Publishers Weekly wrote in a recent review. Along with the historical essays, Wong also offers tips on how to collect and organize a collection of artifacts and memorabilia. After graduating from Hobart with a degree in economics, Wong continued on to Stanford Law School. He spent 10 years working in finance and investment banking, and worked as an Executive Director with Goldman Sachs. He has advised a number of the world’s top collectors and currently works as the senior curatorial advisor at the Sports Museum of America. “Smithsonian Baseball: Inside the World’s Finest Private Collections” is available for purchase in the College Store.