“This is a Fabulous Place….” – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
The HWS Update

“This is a Fabulous Place….”

They’ve come from across the U.S. and the world, from major metropolitan areas and from small, one streetlight towns, but all of them have come for one reason – to live and study at Hobart and William Smith. Between unpacking and getting settled in on Friday morning, the incoming first-year classes and their parents gathered on the Quad to shake hands with President Mark D. Gearan, meet their deans and other staff members and get their formal introduction to campus.

But what brought this year’s classes to their new lakeside home? “William Smith has everything that I wanted in a college,” saays Meagan Coakley ’12 of Cohasset, Mass. “I came here from a small town wanting to study science, biology maybe, and Hobart and William Smith have strong sciences and academics.”

Coakley’s Mom, Linda DeRosa-Coakley, thinks so as well. “This is a fabulous place and a nice fit for Meagan; it’s bigger but with a sense of country to it.”

“The campus is really beautiful and completely different from where I grew up,” says Jade Vasquez ’12, a Bronx native. “HWS also has a great list of majors that I’m looking forward to exploring.”

“I’m from a small high school, and I visited a lot of small, upstate colleges,” explains Alex Beir ’12 of Avon, Conn. “I wanted a small, liberal arts college, and Hobart was my first and only choice. I applied early decision and am really happy to finally be here.”

Beir’s parents, Diane and John, are thrilled, “We’re so excited for Alex and are very excited to be here.”

“When I visited the campus before making my decision, I just got this feeling,” explains Kathryn McCarthy ’12 of Wayland, Mass. “I knew it was the right place for me; it has everything I’m looking for: great staff and faculty, a beautiful campus and a very welcoming environment.”

“This is such an excellent choice for Kathryn,” adds McCarthy’s mom, Kathy, with a smile that. “The size and location are great, it’s an amazing environment to learn in, and it has a great teaching program that she’s interested in.”

“This is a great liberal arts college with not only a small size but an uncommon homey feel,” says McCarthy’s father, Joe.

“We’re extremely happy with Matt’s choice,” says first-year parent Lynn Pebole of Little Silver, N.J. “It’s going to be great for him school-wise and sports-wise.” Her son, Matt, is an incoming basketball player and one of many first-year athletes.

First-year Jess McCue of Oneonta, N.Y., is one of the newest members of the William Smith Tennis team. “The strong athletics and tennis team were certainly part of what won me over about William Smith, but it was also the comfort I feel I get from this place,” says McCue. “Of all the colleges I visited, Hobart and William Smith was the only one that I felt completely comfortable walking into the dining hall.”

With a sense of comfort from the campus and strong confidence in the academics, this year’s incoming classes are ready to start their college lives.

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