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Best Kept Secret: Three Doors Down

One of the best kept secrets at HWS is “three doors down” on campus.  Just three doors down from their old home in the Hubbs Health Center, the group formerly known as The Counseling Center has set up shop at 91 St. Clair Street as the Center for Counseling and Student Wellness.

 “We are excited to have a better facility for students and we have already seen an increase in the number of students accessing our services this year. We are also pleased to work under a new name that speaks to the true nature of what we really do,” said the director of the office Jeff VanLone. “We do assist students with significant mental health issues, but the majority of the students we see are healthy people working through developmental issues.”

 A place that plays host to athletes, musicians and students hoping to enhance their performance, the Center for Counseling and Student Wellness, in its comfortable and relaxing new home, offers services for developing healthy habits and lifestyles. With four Ph.D.-level psychologists catering to just fewer than 2,000 students- a ratio tough to find at any other college or university- the Center can offer students a service that will set them back $150 an hour anywhere else.

 “It’s time to remove the stigma of needing or wanting to go to counseling. We hope that more students will take advantage of our services,” said VanLone, who co-advises the HWS chapter of Active Minds, a national advocacy group for a de-stigmatization of mental health and counseling services.

 The Center, as always, provides an opportunity for students to explore any personal problems or concerns they may have. Now in their own home under a new name, they hope to encourage even more students to come by and capitalize on the benefits of positive psychology and wellness.

The first 50 people who go to the new Center for Counseling and Student Wellness on 91 St. Clair and mention this Daily Update article will be entered in a raffle for free downloads from the iTunes store! The Center encourages all students to swing by, see the new building, and acquaint themselves with the staff and services devoted to their wellness.