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Road Trips Get Activities in Gear

Have you heard the ever-so-cliché line, “I’m bored, I have nothing to do,” lately? If so, there’s no need to fear: Student Activities is starting a semester-long event, the HWS Road Trip Series.

In essence, the Series is a number of all-day excursions offered to students at a low cost. Formerly known as Route HWS, the series offers students a way to “get off campus” and “get out of your daily mode.” 

The first trip, co-sponsored by C.A.B. (Campus Activities Board), will get students off campus and out to Darien Lake Water Park on Sunday, Sept. 14.

The second trip will be to Niagara Falls on Saturday, Sept. 27. This excursion includes a scenic tour around Niagara Falls and also has a portion where students can shop at local stores.  Also, for an additional price, students may ride the Maiden of the Mist, which is listed as one of the top reasons to visit Canada.

The third trip scheduled will let HWS students watch the Buffalo Bills face off with the San Diego Chargers game on Sunday, Oct. 19. Because of its popularity, tickets are limited and sell out quickly. 

Some future trips include a ski trip in the spring semester. Another tentative trip is to the Rochester Broadway Theater League to see the play, ‘Jersey Boys.’ The price of tickets is set to be about $25 per student, a steal if you consider the normal $40 ticket price.

If you are interested in this trip or any of the others, stop by Student Activities on the second floor in the Creedon Room. Suggestions for future trips are always welcomed.

See below for more details on the first three HWS Road Trips:

Darien Lake Water Park Trip with CAB

When: Sunday, Sept. 14 

Cost: $10 per student and includes admission to the park.

Those participating must sign up at least by Sept. 11.

The bus will leave Geneva around 10 a.m. and return by 8 p.m.

Niagara Falls Scenic Tour Day Trip Canadian Side

When: Saturday, Sept. 27

Cost: $15 per student.

Those who would like to ride the Maid of the Mist must pay an additional $10 which is payable at time of sign up. Those participating must sign up at least by Sept. 21. 

Buffalo Bills vs. San Diego Chargers

When: Sunday, Oct. 19 

Cost: $25 per student.

The bus will be leaving Geneva at 10 a.m. sharp and returning by 8 p.m.