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Alum’s Novel Turns into Festival Film

“Kill Kill Faster Faster.” When the title raged its way onto bookstore shelves in the late ’90s, author and Hobart alumnus Joel Rose ’70 not only turned heads with his raw prose and in-your-face prison grit — he also turned people’s notions of urban America on its head. Now, the novel’s film adaptation of the same title is continuing its controversial heralding as one of The New York Foundation for the Arts selections for the American Cinematic Experience (ACE) Festival.

As a film, “Kill Kill Faster Faster,” has earned the prestigious title of the “Best International Feature Film” at the London Independent Film Festival 2008. Summarized in a review by Coco Forsythe, “Kill Kill Faster Faster is the story of Joe One-Way, a man serving a life stretch for the passion murder of his teenage bride Kimba. Inspired to write by Clinique, his Jamaican cellmate, mentor and lover, Joe pens the play White Man: Black Hole.”

“New York film producer, Markie Mann, wanting to make the play into a film, pulls strings to have Joe paroled and contracts him to write the screenplay,” writes Forsythe. “Fleur is Markie Mann’s beautiful wife, a one-time hooker and ex-con, who can’t help but fall for kindred spirit Joe. Their attraction is irresistible. Fleur is Joe’s salvation. They are propelled on a journey of obsession, guilt, and lust as Joe struggles between the pull of heroin, his violent impulses and the desire to redeem himself in the eyes of his estranged twin daughters. Joe One-Way soon discovers that life on the outside may be too dangerous even for him.”

The novel, “Kill Kill Faster Faster,” is available in the Warren Smith Library.

Rose graduated from Hobart College with a B.A. in English. He went on to receive his MFA at Columbia University where he began working as a writer as an assistant to writer Leonard Kanter.

Soon after his daughter was born, Rose began to work on the script of the television series “Miami Vice” alongside his friend Miguel Pinero. His first novel “Kill the Poor,” published in 1988, was also made into a film. Rose worked side by side with director Gareth Roberts during the production of “Kill Kill Faster Faster.”

Rose is also the author of “New York Sawed in Half” and “The Blackest Bird.” Rose now resides in New York City with his wife and four children.