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Lucas Questions McCain’s Campaign Suspension

Associate Professor of Political Science DeWayne Lucas was on the Finger Lakes Morning News radio program yesterday, discussing John McCain’s recent announcement that, due to the financial crisis, he will suspend his campaign to return to Washington and suggests a postponement of tonight’s debate.

Lucas gave his insight on the statement, saying many political scientists and political junkies are wondering “What’s the big thing that happened between last Monday and today? When people would have needed McCain to step forward would have been on Monday. There’s nothing that happened that would precipitate his announcement yesterday.”

When Host Ted Baker noted that economics is not McCain’s strong suit and asked if this crisis is the worst thing that could happen to the campaign, Lucas agreed this is “Completely off message and doesn’t play to his strengths.” He cited polls showing that McCain was three points ahead of Obama prior to the Wall Street crisis and several points below him following. According to Lucas, this situation “Reminds people how … the Republican Party has handled the economy… and what little experience McCain has dealing with economic issues.”

Baker also asked Lucas his thoughts on the selection of Palin as McCain’s running mate. “I took it as a very strong, short-term choice,” Lucas says, explaining Palin being from Alaska, representing family values and having a good story drew people’s attention,” What it did for the McCain campaign was generate all that buzz.” However, he explains it’s a short-term benefit because people are now starting to seriously consider Palin’s credentials and whether she would be a good president were something to happen to McCain. “The question now for a lot of voters is, ‘Why Palin?’ both people have very little experience dealing with economics on a national level.”

The full interview can be heard on Finger Lakes Radio