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Zeuxis opens at Houghton House

Zeuxis, a famous ancient Greek painter, is said to have painted a still-life of grapes so realistic that birds came to eat them. On Friday, Oct. 3, an art group bearing the name of the Greek opened at HWS, hoping to lure gazers with the same appeal. Through Nov. 2, the art department will host “In and Out,” Zeuxis’ still life painting group show.

Associate Professor of Art Nick Ruth is excited to be hosting the exhibit, which ranges from expressionistic to illusionistic, concrete to abstract. “We’re fortunate to be able to exhibit art that is capable of broadening the horizons and perspectives of our students and ties back into the courses they are taking,” said Ruth. “This fantastic show is a wonderful learning opportunity for our students, and a chance for the community as a whole to see some great art.”

The exhibit’s theme, “In and Out,” speaks to the basic vectors of our experience: fundamental physical contours of our daily life. Underlying this is the physical boundary of interior and exterior space, familiar to architects and often to painters. “Objects of art represent both internal and external realities,” said Ruth. “We have our external perception and appreciation of art, but art also taps into our inner lives and inspires us to reexamine how we look at the world. With this exhibit, that is what our students are going to get a chance to do.”

A grassroots project founded in New York City in 1994, Zeuxis has organized more than two dozen exhibitions in major cities around the country and has worked with notable artists, including William Bailey, Nell Blaine, Lois Dodd and Wayne Thiebaud. Sydney Lichti, a former visiting professor at HWS, is also a member of the group.

The painting pictured above is called “Summer Still Life,” and is by the artist Lynn Kotula.