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Big Gains from Little Moments

Of all the things you’ll get out of a Hobart and William Smith Colleges education, the last thing you’d expect to get is a little brother or sister. But the HWS Big Brothers and Big Sisters (BBBS) program will host an informational session on how students can actualize this exciting, community engaging opportunity.

On Wednesday, Oct. 8, at 6 p.m. in Stern 103, BBBS will hold a “Big Magic” orientation, recruiting all HWS students for a two- to three-hour a week commitment for one year. BBBS will match students with children ranging from ages 7 to 14, based on interests, hobbies, etc. Additionally, Jeff Newland, the executive director of BBBS in Rochester will speak about the values of BBBS and the wonderful opportunity it provides.

BBBS helps children reach their potential through professionally supported, one-to-one relationships that provide measurable impact. They are about creating one-on-one relationships between a mentor (the “Big”) and a child (the “Little”).

“Big Magic is the moment when a Big Brother or Big Sister sees something in their Little that is more than the sum of the little moments they have shared,” said Newland. “It’s when a child draws their own conclusion based on examples the Big has set in other, seemingly unrelated situations. It is when a child shares with confidence a dream that is even beyond that which others have encouraged.”

This year, the Colleges are looking to diversify the campus program. “Our Littles come from all backgrounds, socio-economic statuses, races and religions; there is no ‘typical’ Little,” said Stephanie Wells ’10, head of the HWS BBBS program. “Thus, we want to have a well-rounded group of HWS Bigs who can relate to their Littles in every day life and culture.”

Additionally, to strengthen the quality of matches, HWS BBBS is looking for more males and student athletes. “The Littles are looking for a lot of different qualities in a Big, but there are definitely some boys looking for football players!” commented Wells.

 “Almost all of us had someone who we looked up to when growing up – and this is a chance for us to fill that role and further bridge the gap between the HWS and Geneva community,” said Wells. She continued, “I believe that is something every child should have when growing up, and that is what I am hoping that our Bigs can give to our Littles in this shared community.”