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Cook like a Pro with Showtime Joe

Joe “Showtime Joe” Hatfield, a witty and skilled chef who nearly every student knows by name, will run a cooking workshop for students.  “Cook Like a Pro” will be held at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 8, in Saga.  This is the first workshop in what is hoped to be a series. Each workshop will focus on a different recipe. This week, Showtime Joe, who was made an honorary member of the Hobart Class of 2008, will teach students to prepare a tomato basil sauce with pasta and garlic bread.

All members of the audience will be able to taste-test the food and will walk away with a recipe card for the meal that was prepared so they can create it in the future.  Prizes will be raffled off through the evening.

“We’re hoping to teach some of the graduating students some basic cooking procedures and techniques,” says Saga’s Executive Chef Ben Gallinaro.  Additionally, many of the residents in the small houses, Odell’s and 380 South Main Street have the ability to cook in their own kitchens, so will benefit from these helpful culinary tricks and tips. 

The small house RA and the Sodexho staff are cosponsoring the event.  All are invited.