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Yellow as the new Green

We’ve seen them all around campus: bright yellow bikes zooming by on the paved sidewalks or trekking across the grassy quad. As yet another initiative to push the campus toward environmental sustainability, Hobart and William Smith Colleges have launched the new and improved Yellow Bike Program. The philosophy of the program is to allow students to have a means to move freely around campus without the use of cars, thus reducing carbon emissions.

The hope is, there will be less traffic on the campus streets and more environmentally-friendly students, said Sustainability coordinator James Landi who is spearheading the bike program.

This year’s program is different from last year’s Yellow Bike Initiative because, in order to utilize the full advantages of the bike program, one must sign up for the program and agree to abide by the rules of the program, which includes respecting and taking care of your bike. This year’s program also gives the participants a lock and a key to secure the borrowed bikes.

Students who are interested in the program can sign up at the campus bike shop, located in the garage behind 141 St. Clair (at the corner of College and Clair Streets). The campus bike shop will be open from 3 to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. There is a $10 deposit and each student who signs up will receive a key that will work in all of the program’s bike locks. Then, they will be free to take a yellow bike wherever they find them on campus and lock them up when they get to their destination – leaving it for the next bike member. Landi and Thomas Drennen, associate professor of economics and chair of environmental studies, urge students to “Swing by and grab a key.”

For further incentive and enjoyment, John Vaughn, associate professor of mathematics, has laid out a series of scenic bike tours here. These tours start in Geneva and go as far as Lake Ontario. Other routes include the Penn Yan Loop, the Middlesex Triangle, and the Geneva Quickie (which is well suited for beginners).

Take initiative to make this campus a greener one and, hopefully, the next bike that is seen zooming by will have you in its seat.