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Saving the World after Graduation

After graduation, Martha Pigott ’06 left campus to help save the world. With her Peace Corps application in place, Pigott was recruited for a program in Malawi, Africa that left in May 2007.

When she arrived, Pigott found her post at a health center in a rural African village 15 km. from a tarmac road with no electricity. Still serving her two-year position, Pigott explained, “I mostly work at a youth club in my village where we make peanut butter as an income generating activity to serve most disadvantaged members of the community such as people who are living with HIV and orphaned children,”

“I also do a bit of health education with my health center staff mostly surrounding safe water and safe drinking water practices,” Pigott said. However, she admits that, “the best part of my experience has been the local boys’ soccer team, whose players make up half of the youth club and have since won two league trophies since our start in September of last year.”

To aid her efforts, Pigott’s brother has created the Brick Foundation, an organization that collects donations for medical supplies and other projects at the health clinic in Malawi. “It was truly amazing,” Pigott said of her brother’s gesture. “In the days that followed, they [the Brick Foundation] did indeed reach their goal of $1,000 and lugged two suitcases full of medical supplies to my health center which the community welcomed with open arms. They couldn’t have been happier.”

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Pigott holds a bachelors degree in public policy and a minor in Spanish and writing.  While at William Smith, she became a writing colleague and Spanish tutor, played on the girls’ club ice hockey team and performed in the Koshare Dance Collective.  She also participated in the Washington D.C. internship program and interned for a congressman in the fall of 2004. In the spring of 2006, she also studied abroad in Geneva, Switzerland where she interned for an Intellectual Property Watch Publication.