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Act Fast! Apply for Leadership Program

The Salisbury Center for Career Services invites students to apply to be part of the first class of the Leadership Certificate Program.

The new Centennial Center for Leadership was created to guide students in understanding the concept of leadership, to create opportunities for them to study with experienced and successful leaders, and to provide them with empirical leadership-building opportunities.  As part of the Center’s initiatives, a Leadership Certificate program has been created for the student body. Selective in nature, it is designed to provide students with a comprehensive foundation of skills to become stronger leaders, whether for a club or organization, in the community, or in their everyday lives.

All students currently enrolled at Hobart and William Smith Colleges are eligible to participate in the Leadership Certificate Program. As part of the application process, students must include an essay and two letters of recommendation along with a dean’s approval form.

Selected students will be required to participate in 14 sessions comprised of seminars, speakers and reflection exercises. In addition, students will participate in a community-based research project for course credit, which will be completed through the Collaborative Internship Program (GCIP-401). The program culminates with an outdoor experiential component. Students will be able to complete the certificate program within the fall and spring semesters, or at any time over the course of their enrollment at the Colleges, providing they meet all requirements.

This proactive and engaging leadership development program will be based on the assumption that leaders are not born but developed, and the focus will be on behaviors, not competencies. The program will begin by assessing each student’s leadership style and will focus on learning the fine art of leading through one’s own personality. Furthermore, students will develop a collective definition of leadership, as well as the characteristics needed to be a successful leader. At the conclusion of the certificate program, students will have witnessed powerful ways to model for others, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act, and develop genuine empathy.

A personal interview will be required for the top candidates; 40 students will be selected for the inaugural group of the program.

Students must turn in their complete application packets by Monday, October 27, 2008, at 4 p.m., in order to be considered for the Leadership Certificate Program.

Application materials are available at Career Services.