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Edlin ’88 Credits Colleges Education for Teaching Award

Douglas Edlin, a visiting professor in the government department at Dartmouth, received the Student Assembly's Profiles in Excellence award. The award was based upon multiple nominations from both upperclassmen and freshmen.

“I think the reason I teach the way I do is based on my experience as an undergrad,” Edlin said in a March 1 article in The Dartmouth. “The professors believed that teaching was their primary job, and that's the best part of this job. And although I like my research, the reason I do this job is because of the teaching.”

Edlin is a member of the Hobart Class of 1988. He also said that his experiences as a student at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his master's degree; Cornell University, where he went to law school; and Oxford University, where he obtained a Ph.D., shaped the way he teaches at the College.

“Teaching really depends primarily on the student, which gets lost in law school, where professors are making sure everyone understands they're right,” Edlin said, emphasizing that he strives to learn from his students.