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President Gearan Featured on Choosing a Vice President

President Mark Gearan was featured in two prominent newspapers on how the democratic candidate in the upcoming presidential election will find a running mate. He was quoted in an article in the March 3 St. Louis Post Dispatch (St. Louis, Mo.) titled “Kerry's campaign turns its attention to No. 2 slot,” and in an article in the March 4 Boston Globe titled “Friend leads search to fill ticket.”

Gearan remarked on the necessity of finding a competent running mate, saying “We now have had two very strong vice presidents in Gore and (Dick) Cheney, both very active members of the administration with significant portfolios.”

He also predicted that Washington businessman Jim Johnson, who is leading the search for John Kerry's running mate, would use the time before the Democratic National Convention to plan ways to avoid the “excessive secrecy” of 1992. But, he said, too much openness, such as the high-profile appearances of candidates walking up Mondale's driveway in 1984 that left some bruised egos, should be avoided.

An online video clip of the WOKR Channel 13 news broadcast from March 2 featuring President Gearan is available here.