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Becoming an RA

Interested in becoming a Resident Assistant for the 2009-2010 academic year? 

The Office of Residential Education is currently accepting applications from interested students. Applications are now available online and at the Residential Education’s office at 101 St. Clair Street.

RAs are student leaders and paid employees of the Office of Residential Education at Hobart and William Smith. An RA is assigned to each residential area and is responsible for creating a sense of community in the residence hall.

In developing such a community, they often address issues of personal counseling, advising, policy enforcement, programming and much more. When students have questions or concerns about their living situations or about the Colleges in general, RAs are a great first stop for advice and tips.

In addition to acting as a role model both on and off-campus, RAs ensure that student behavior in residences is in accord with the Colleges’ policies as outlined in the Handbook of Community Standards.

Timeline for 2009-2010 RA Applicants:

Friday, Dec. 5 – Applications due for students who will be abroad spring ’09

            Monday, Dec. 8-Friday, Dec. 12 – Interviews for spring abroad students

            Friday, Dec. 19 – Returning RA Applications due

            Monday, Jan. 19-Friday, Jan. 30 – Returning RA Interviews

            Monday, Jan. 21- Information session about being an RA (Stern 103, 8-9 pm)

            Wednesday, Jan. 23 – New RA Applications due

            Saturday, Feb. 7-Sunday, Feb. 8 – Interviews for new RA candidates

            Friday, Feb. 20 – Candidates are notified

            Friday, Feb. 27 – Acceptances are due

For any questions e-mail or call at (315) 781-3880.