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Johnson Featured on the Black Vote

Cedric Johnson, assistant professor of political science, was quoted in the story “Beating Bush: Is it the only election issue for Blacks?” from The Final Call e-zine. According to the article, while many mainstream politicians and media focused on “electability,” others warned that Blacks need to force Democrats to back specific agenda items, such as clearing up criminal records to help Black ex-offenders move forward; a specific plan to help Black youths through jobs and education; and the movement on reparations.

“Clinton at least gave the impression that he was a good guy, that he had the interest of minorities and other folks at heart and that kind of staves off the criticism,” Johnson said. “But it’s naked with Bush.”

Johnson said he hears candidates speaking a kind of reinvented New Deal liberalism that says “let’s have the government solve these problems.” But over the past 30 years, Democrats move to the center following their convention, trying to be more conservative to cater to White voters, he noted. “At least since the triumph of Reagan there’s a sense from the Democrats that they have to be more like the Republicans,” he said. “I don’t think you can beat Bush by being like Bush.”