Oxfam 2008 Success – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
The HWS Update

Oxfam 2008 Success

In another bountiful example of service and selflessness, the 23rd Oxfam America Fast campaign at Hobart and William Smith Colleges was a huge success with 941 students donating their evening meal and an additional $400 raised in cash. Oxfam America helps people in Africa, Asia and Latin America grow more food, and supplies food relief in times of need.   The fast, held around Thanksgiving each year, seeks to raise funds and increase awareness of poverty and the scarcity of food in many parts of the world.

Signing a meal away is an easy way for students to participate and students willingly agree to forgo dinner and have its value donated to Oxfam. “It is important for the HWS community be aware of hunger in the world and to realize that one can do something about it—like giving away the value of one meal,” said event organizer and Professor of Economics Alan Frishman.

More than just a means of addressing hunger issues, the Fast has come to symbolize the grassroots nature of working with Oxfam America. Involvement with the Fast is about working together to end global poverty. Each year Oxfam supports thousands of organizations and individuals who organize events.

“Thanksgiving is an important time when Americans should be thinking about how thankful they are to have food and so many other things.  It is important to realize how much we have and that billions of other people around the world do not have much food and other things but that we can easily help them.”