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got martini?

Maybe you’ve read it. Maybe you’ve disagreed with it. Maybe you’ve even been the butt of its often-satiric and sardonic humor. Regardless, you’ve heard of the HWS alternative newspaper, the martini. This semester, the martini is mixing a serious publication cocktail: sharp wit, a well-rounded staff and a page count and content that are the highest in its history.

“It’s been our most successful semester ever as a student publication; we have over 20 regular, consistent writers and a list of more than 60 contributors,” explained Jennie Seidewand ’09, martini Editor-In-Chief. “We’ve also got a full board up and running for the first time: an Editor in Chief, a Layout Editor, a couple of copy editors, a research/fact checker, and a distribution manager.”

What’s their mission? “Our goal is to stimulate campus dialogue, invite different voices to share their views, encourage intellectual and creative expression, and put out there what we think needs to be said, whether it be campus, local, national, or international issues,” Seidewand said. “We do all this with an eclectic combination of politics, humor, campus commentary, sarcasm, music reviews, and a bit of ridiculousness. The proportions of these change as our writers and readers change.”

The publication accepts submissions from anyone, regardless of affiliation. They reserve the right to reject a piece if it is poorly written, has unsubstantiated statements or if the article has already been printed elsewhere.

So how has this progressive black-and-white pulled all of this off? “This semester… the martini has taken on new life. We’ve published five issues so far: three at 20 pages and two at 24 pages,” Seidewand said. “Never before this semester had we published a 24-page issue. And the most amazing part as a four-year veteran of the martini, is that we have absolutely not had to scramble for content. At times we’ve had to cut out articles due to lack of space in a 24-page issue.”

“The most notable aspect of our success has been the fact that after every issue printed, I have received at least one if not two or three people contacting me for information on how to join/write for the martini.”