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Student Leader of the Month Award

The Student Life and Leaderhip Office proudly awards the first Student Leader of the Month Award for the month of February to Cait Allen.

Cait Allen embodies the leadership skills and spirit that Hobart and William Smith students strive to achieve. Her positive energy and poise have made her a motivating and influential vehicle on our campus. Cait's enthusiasm, dedication, and leadership have led to great things. To give a complete list of her involvement on campus would not do her justice.

An example of Cait's dedication and service to Hobart and William Smith Colleges can be seen through the time that she has volunteered and given of herself to others in Geneva. Her dedication to build a program to support unwed teenage mothers is one example of these efforts. Although this situation and population was unfamiliar to Cait in the beginning, she continued to persevere in order to institute this community program. She has viewed this challenge as an opportunity and has embraced it in order to assist others. By working in this capacity to reach out to the greater Geneva community, she has built bridges to foster our institution's relationship with the community. Cait has been a model of what a student at Hobart and William Smith Colleges embodies: a dedicated change-agent who is a concerned and active community member. Overall, Cait is a leader at Hobart and William Smith Colleges and in the community in every sense of the word and our campus would not be the same without her.

In appreciation for all of Cait's efforts, she will be awarded a gift certificate for a free dinner at the Hamilton 258 Restaurant for herself and any faculty, administration, or staff person of her choice.

To nominate someone for the Leader of the Month Award for the month of March, please submit the nomination to Student Life and Leadership no later than March 24. Nomination forms are located in the Student Life and Leadership Office or may be e-mailed to