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Who is Going to the Inauguration?

While the campus will watch and discuss the Presidential Inauguration throughout the day here in Geneva, several members of the HWS community will experience the inauguration firsthand at various events in Washington, D.C.

One students who will be in Washington for the inauguration is Parker Boundy ’11 of Petoskey, Mich., an equestrian and 2007 graduate of the Culver Military Academy Troop. He is one of the adults who will accompany high school students as they ride down Pennsylvania Avenue in the inaugural parade.

“I’ll be riding next to my sister – a junior at Culver – along with members of male and female Culver riding groups, the Black Horse Group and the Equestrians,” explained Boundy, who attended a ball for Culver Academy alumns and will also attend the State of Michigan Ball. “Although I rode in the last inaugural parade for George W. Bush, this time I earned a spot thanks to my parents, who won an auction for one of the open riding spots. It was a great Christmas present.”

After taking a leave of absence last semester to work on the Obama campaign, Brian Kilduff ’10 of Summit, N.J. has been invited to attend the Swearing In Ceremony, the Western States Ball and the Youth Ball on Tuesday as well as the Staff Ball on Wednesday.

“I’m looking forward to the Swearing In Ceremony the most,” explained Kilduff. “I’ve never been to an event quite like this one, and I think it’ll be cool to be there at the exact moment when Obama becomes President of the United States.”

Director of Annual Giving Kristen Einstein will also be at the Swearing In Ceremony at the U.S. District Court House next door to the Capitol. “The election of our first African-American President is certainly a monumental event in and of itself,” said Einstein. “To be just a small part of it and to be able to tell my children I was there when they read about it in their history books is exciting to me.”

William Smith Alumna and Community Unified Today, Inc. Executive Director Patty Blue ’77 is also enthused to attend. “What I’m looking forward to the most is being a part of such a historic moment in the history of the United States. I’m so excited that something of this magnitude has been realized during my lifetime.” Blue won tickets through a lottery distribution from Congressman (D-NY) Michael Arcuri’s office.

Anticipating his upcoming trip to D.C., Kilduff explained that, “I keep seeing this clip on MSNBC about the inauguration coverage that asks, ‘Where will you be when President-elect Barack Obama becomes president?'” said Kilduff. “I laugh every time and think to myself: I’m going to be there.”

If you’re “going to be there” in D.C., send us a note at publicity@hws.edu. We’d love to share your history-making story.