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HWS’ MLK, Inauguration Celebrations on Radio

HWS Student Activities Director Robert Pool and Geneva Businessman Raul Fuentes were interviewed on the Finger Lakes Radio morning show on Monday, Jan. 19, regarding the Colleges’ Martin Luther King Jr. week-long celebrations and the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Host Ted Baker asked Pool about the schedule of events and they discussed the specifics of several. He also spoke with the two about the significance of President Barack Obama’s election and the inauguration occurring a day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As a local business person, he asked Fuentes about the community reaction to Obama’s election.

“What’s happening now is a boost in confidence, that if ‘Obama can do it, I can,'” said Fuentes. “The community is very excited.” He went on to encourage them to “stay excited” and to do something constructive to help others going forward.
Fuentes and Baker also discussed Obama’s historic Presidency.

The full show can be heard online.