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Advertising, Media and PR Success

Did you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at ABC-TV, Disney Productions or the Wall Street Journal? That’s exactly what more than 30 HWS students discovered during winter break when they visited New York City for a two-day event focused on careers in public relations, advertising and the media.

During their visit, students were given an inside look at several major employers thanks to alums, parents and friends of the Colleges who offered tours, led discussions and hosted networking events, including:

  • Bloomberg News, Reporter Erickson Blakney ’87;
  • The Walt Disney Company (encompassing ABC-TV, Disney Productions and the ESPN Network), Senior Vice President Gary Montanus ’73, Director Adam Polcek ’92, Account Executive Joe Maggio ’88, Assistant Director of Polling Peyton Craighill ’94 and Production Manager and Executive John Baxley ’84;
  • The Wall Street Journal, advertising and sales John Ready ’75 and Geoff Madden ’95.
  • InterPublic Group (including Initiative and Universal McCann, and Magna Global Trading companies), President and CEO Brian McMahon P’10, Group Media Director Dan Morrison P’07, Media Analyst Nazia Ahmad-Grullon ’07 and Associate Buyer for National Broadcast Patricia Mears ’08;
  • Discovery Communications, Jeff Pelligrini;
  • M Booth & Associates, Inc., Account Manager Alex Della Rocca ’01.

“Students were able to go in and meet the people who are making things happen,” said CSO Employer Relations Director Joe Ambrosetti, coordinator of the New York City events.  “This was a validating event where students were able to see multiple examples of a liberal arts education at work.”

“Beyond giving us the opportunity to make connections, it was great to hear what advice alums had about the current economic climate and job market as well as ways to market ourselves to potential employers,” said senior Sarah Borup.  

“Each day was such an eye opener, and I’m so happy that I was able to have this opportunity as a first year,” said Laura Butera ’12. “There is so much to explore and think about. I feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity.”

Christine Ambramo ’12 agreed. “I’m really glad I got to experience the media culture this early on. I learned a lot and will definitely look into internships next summer because of the event.”