Moving Toward a Greener 2009 – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
The HWS Update

Moving Toward a Greener 2009

In step with national efforts for environmental action, Hobart and William Smith are addressing new environmental initiatives. Much as the success of global change rests on the willingness of individuals and businesses to change, the campus initiatives are dependent on HWS community participation. The HWS Goes Green Program has designed three initiatives for the spring of 2009, including:

  • The HWS Recyclemania Competitions that have spurred campus-wide recycling. There are more than 500 schools competing in a variety of categories, and the primary competitions are measured by the total waste reduction and highest recycling rates from the college or university.  
  • The Colleges’ recycling changes that have made huge strides with the “Single Stream No-Sort” system. The Colleges recycled an average of 16.41 percent of its waste stream in 2008, and during the 2008 Recyclemania, recycling increased to 23.28 percent. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to raise the recycled waste stream during Recyclemania 2009 and maintain this percentage throughout the year. Additionally, the newly-introduced two-sided printing is reducing our environmental impact, achieving savings and counts as a waste reduction action item under Recyclemania criteria.
  • The HWS Goes Green Initiative for energy that focuses on an upgrade to the majority of boilers, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs. Campus community members can help reduce energy costs by respecting the Climate Task Force’s heating policy of 68 to 72 degrees, reporting heating issues, and turning off lights and appliances.

“The Colleges are maintaining and improving energy efficient ways in buildings and in the lives of all who live and work at Hobart and William Smith,” said campus sustainability coordinator James Landi. “The 2009 initiatives are in response to economic realities, as well as the need to develop a culture of environmental sustainability throughout campus.”