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Organic Farmer Joins FLI

Local, organic and fair.  These three words describe the environmentally-friendly farmer Elizabeth Henderson, who will speak at the Finger Lakes Institute on Tuesday, Feb. 17. Henderson is the co-founder of the Genesee Valley Organic Community Supported Agriculture Project.

Her talk will focus on how community supported agriculture and farmers’ markets share the goal of efficiency and locality of a farm and its crops, as well as equal participation of volunteers or shareholders in the farm’s maintenance and the local distribution of its produce. Henderson will explain how these farms and markets enable local, organic and fair food systems and create a community where everyone from carpenters to architects, grandparents to children, work together toward that goal.

“I wanted to live in a way that was in concert with my beliefs about the environment and community,” says Henderson about her dedication to the environment over the past 27 years. She gave up a career in Russian literature to be an organic farmer and now co-operates Peacework Organic Farm in Newark, N.Y. Having a home on the farm gives Henderson the ability to do most of the planting work herself while her partner in business, Greg Palmer, is the overall planner and manager of the establishment.

Her talk will include the environmental benefits of buying locally and how community supported agriculture can aid in building relationships between the farmer and the consumer. Henderson has made significant contributions to the organic and local food movements with her books titled “Sharing the Harvest: A Guide to Community-Supported Agriculture” and “Dirt: Farmers Tell about Organic and Low-Input Practices in the Northeast.”

The talk will begin at 6 p.m., Tuesday the 17th  in the Seneca Room.