FLI Hosts Statewide Forum – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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FLI Hosts Statewide Forum

Although we all enjoy the beautiful rivers, streams and lakes that New York State offers, they may be in danger. Fortunately, some of the leading scientists and conservationists are working together to solve the crisis that these lakes are in. Co-sponsored by the Finger Lakes Institute, the Colleges will host “New York State’s Lakes, Rivers and Seashores are in Crisis,” a community conversation to discuss innovative solutions for problems faced across the state related to water sources. The event will take place at 6:30 p.m. on  Thursday, Feb. 12 at the Finger Lakes Institute, 601 S Main Street.

The impetus for the forum was a detailed report, titled “Our Waters, Our Communities, Our Future: Taking Bold Action Now to Achieve Long-term Sustainability of New York’s Ocean and Great Lakes,” recently released by The New York Ocean and Great Lakes Ecosystem Conservation Council (NYOGLECC).

The council, comprised of experts from nine state agencies, gave special mention to an “ecosystem based management approach” in which the impact upon and concerns of the local environment are considered first and foremost in all management practices. A new solution is needed more than ever as New York State’s fisheries are reporting alarmingly low rates of productivity. Fishing and tourism are essential elements of the state’s overall economy and scores of local economies.

It is essential that local communities offer their input to council members as they travel across the state sharing their findings. NYOGLECC, in coordination with the Great Lakes Research Consortium and students from the SUNY ESF Environmental Communication Workshop will host the Geneva edition of this important public discussion. The forum is open to the HWS and Geneva communities.

For more information on NYOGLECC, visit http://www.nyoglecc.org/.