The Waste Audit Competition – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
The HWS Update

The Waste Audit Competition

A new inter-campus competition is taking place at HWS. The Waste Audit Competition is a four week competition pitting four areas of campus against each other.  This contest will be used to document which campus area have the highest rate of recycling, least amount of waste per capita as well as the amount of per capita recyclables.

The areas include: Mini-Quad, Geneva Hall and Medbery are being audited this week, JPR and Sherrill Hall will be tallied from Feb. 16 – 20, The Hill will be monitored from Feb. 23 – 27 and Caird and de Cordova Halls will be audited from March 2 – 6.

Each area will have their waste weighed by a SEAL Team (Student Environmental Advocate Liaison). These SEAL teams were proposed by a Common Ground group during the “Green Dream” Competition led by first-year Allison Miller.  The total weight of the trash will be divided by the weight the recyclables.  This will determine the percentage of the waste stream that is being recycled. 

In addition, the SEAL Team will conduct a per capita analysis of waste per person from each area by weighing the total waste from the week and dividing it by the total number of people in the dorm.  James Landi, sustainability coordinator, is confident that the results will present the areas that waste the least and recycles the most.  In regards to campus support, Landi would like to extend his thanks to the campus’ cleaning services crew who have done a fantastic job with the Colleges’ recycling program and have worked hard to help support the Area Waste Audit Competition.

Students should look out for the SEAL Team and contribute to the recycling effort in order to become the winning area on campus, as well as contribute to the overall green and sustainability efforts that are taking place on our campus.

Students with questions should contact their RAs or e-mail .