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Gearan Quoted on Peace Corps Numbers

The number of new Peace Corps members has increased nearly 30 percent in recent years, according to the article “Peace Corps works despite wars” in the March 21 New Britain Herald, New Britain, Conn.

President Mark D. Gearan, a director of the Peace Corps under President Bill Clinton, said volunteers entering the Peace Corps today were more practical than those entering in the 1960s during Vietnam. The turmoil of the '60s has not been duplicated during the war in Iraq, he said. “Without a draft, it's a different time and a different generation.”

“Today's generation is much more pragmatic than it was in the '60s,” Gearan said. “I don't know if you would hear today on campuses, 'I'm going to change the world,' but you will hear, 'I'm going to change my part of the world.'”