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RecycleMania Makes a “Hall Call”

At first glance, the pile of trash in front of Scandling Campus Center may have been a strange site to pass by. But HWS community members soon learned from Campus Greens that the trash was being weighed to document the waste created by the student residents living in the Village at Odell’s Pond.  The results from the random sample from Odell’s residents revealed that 40 percent of what residents had thrown away as trash was actually recyclable material.  When this amount is combined with what these residents had recycled, Campus Greens found that 70 percent of Odell’s total waste was recyclable.

This shows that HWS currently has recycling rate of about 20 percent when it could be have an overall recycling rate of around 70 percent. The Green Team, who are teamed up with Campus Greens in the recycling effort, are raising awareness and participation in RecycleMania through one of the newest competitions to hit HWS: the Waste Audit Collection (WAC), which divides student residence halls into four areas that compete to be those recycling the most. The four-week competition weighs one area’s trash and recyclables each week to find out which are the most eco-friendly residences on campus.

To get the word out about WAC, the Green Team kicked off Hall Call 2009, which sends members of Campus Greens and green-friendly HWS students into residence halls to go door-to-door in search of recyclables.  The results for the first week of this competition are in from the residential area of the Mini-Quad, Medbery and Geneva Halls. The Green Team found that this area’s 90 pounds of recyclables yielded an average recycling rate of 44.49 percent, which is nearly 25 percent more than the overall HWS average.

To help the Campus Greens with the Waste Audit competition, students from Delta Chi, Phi Sigma Kappa and Kappa Sigma fraternities joined in the door-to-door effort.  During the most recently weekly Hall Call, the Hobart mascot, Bart the Statesman, helped Campus Greens and fraternity members collect 115.4 pounds of recyclables from JPR and Sherrill Hall.

If you haven’t had a visit from Bart, Campus Greens or HWS fraternity members to “pitch in,” be on the lookout for “Hall Call” from Feb. 23-27 if you live on The Hill or from March 2-6 if you live in Caird and de Cordova Halls.

Student residents with any questions should contact their RAs or e-mail .