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HWS Host Women’s History Conference

This year, the Hobart and William Smith Colleges community celebrated the Centennial of the founding of William Smith College and recognized the immense opportunity this created for women to become leaders. This historic event took place just a few miles away from the site of the first Women’s Rights Convention held in the United States in Seneca Falls. Daily, students pass by the statue of Elizabeth Blackwell, known worldwide as the first woman to receive her degree as a Doctor of Medicine, at Geneva Medical College, the institution whose tradition HWS uphold.

Now, befitting the region’s and the Colleges’ place in the women’s history, The Upstate New York Women’s History Organization will hold their annual conference on Women’s History on the HWS campus this weekend.

Beginning at 8:45 a.m. on Saturday, March 7 in the Geneva and Sanford of the Warren Hunting Smith Library, and continuing throughout the day, an array of scholars and experts will hold panel presentations on a wide range of women’s history topics and issues. At 7 p.m., Associate Professor of History at Binghamton University Leigh Ann Wheeler will deliver the keynote address with her lecture, “Making Liberties: The ACLU and the Transformation of Sexual Culture in the 20th-Century United States.”

A full schedule of the speakers and their topics can be found at: