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The Annual Sophomore Spring Forward

On Thursday, March 26, the Classes of 2011 will gather with faculty and staff for the Colleges’ third annual Sophomore Spring Forward event, sponsored by the dean’s offices. Since students are not required to declare a major until sophomore year, this event is a celebration of sophomore academic identity and an opportunity for students to be welcomed by faculty in their newly-declared department. 

Valerie Gunter, a William Smith dean, describes last year’s Sophomore Spring Forward as a huge success and hopes for the same this year.  She explains that this is a special opportunity for the sophomore class to come together. 

“This is a semiformal, celebratory occasion where students can interact with faculty after the declaration of a major, but prior to registration for the next semester,” Gunter says.  In addition, students will be receiving comical buttons signifying their major, or area of study.

This year’s Sophomore Spring Forward will include a buffet dinner served to the Classes of 2011 at 6 p.m., in the Bristol Gym.