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Seniors Help Schools Recycle

More than 25 teachers and students attended a recent Finger Lakes Institute workshop on recycling in schools, based on a lesson plan created by seniors Ryan Aruck ’09 and Alison Rodman ’09 as part of the Senior Integrated Experience with Darrin Magee, assistant professor of environmental studies.  The goal of the workshop was to give teachers and students the tools needed to start recycling programs in their respective schools by increasing awareness and education about recycling.  The “Recycling 101” lesson plan was launched at the Geneva Middle School with assistance from Rayza Santiago, Bonner Leader for the Environment at the Finger Lakes Institute. 

Aruck and Rodman were able to provide insight into what they felt was important in educating students about recycling: the “wow” factor and hands-on, physical activities that allowed students to move about the classroom.  The activities were presented at the workshop so attendees could engage in them. 

Santiagio then led a discussion on recycling cell phones and other e-waste and encouraged teachers and students to develop an e-waste recycling program in their schools by providing the necessary materials and collection boxes.  Several students from the South Seneca environmental club who attended the workshop were excited about the opportunity to develop the program and use it as a fundraiser.  Teachers and students from Auburn Middle School also plan to start such a program in their school.

To view the “Recycling 101” lesson plan, visit the Finger Lakes Institute Web site