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Fisher Center Animates The Smith

What happens when cultural stereotypes and iconic images are brought to life live on the stage, cabaret style? – an artful experience known as “La Cuchilla” (or “The Razor”) performed by Mayan-Lebanese artist Astrid Hadad. Adding to the Fisher Center Series’ animated 2008-2009 line-up, Hadad will perform as a part of the series at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 25 at the Smith Opera House.

In “La Cuchilla,” Hadad will show her audience a baroque sharp-edged brilliance as she embodies multiple images of woman: the passionate, the rebellious, the naïve, the dreamer and the “femme fatale,” venomous or scorned. Her unique musical styles include rock-infused Mexican ranchero music as well as cumbia, la rumba and much more. Her method of reinterpreting, performing and creating popular music has been termed “Heavy Nopal.”

The show will poke humor at machismo, fundamentalism and the powerful elite. This show earned Hadad the title of “walking museum of popular culture” and is a must-see for its music and costumes. Known for its humor, sexuality and enchantment, “La Cuchilla” is pure animation.

Hadad holds a degree from from the Centro Universitario de Teatro de la Ciudad de México. As an actress, she has participated in telenovelas, such as “Teresa,” “Yo no creo en los hombres,” “gente bien” and a wide variety of programming on international channels such as “HBO olé.”

Her filmic work includes a significant role in Sólo con tu pareja” and the documentaries “Hasta el ultimo trago corazón” and the prize-winning “Astrid Hadad la Tequilera.” Hadad has performed in China, France, Peru, Canada and Lebanon. Her eclectic discography includes “El Calcetín,” “Corazón sangrante,” “Heavy Nopal,” “en vivo,” “La Cuchilla,” “Pecadora” and “¡OH! Diosas.” The most recent of these shows have inspired her newest project “Divinas Pecadoras” (“Divine Sinners”).

During her 25 year career, Hadad has redefined and restored the tradition of cabaret in Mexico.