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Finding Mr. Right, “Ditching Mr. Wrong”

Alum Nicholas Aretakis ’83 knows a few things about dating – he was a bachelor until 42, when he married his Mrs. Right. In his new novel, “Ditching Mr. Wrong,” he shares some insight on dating, relationships, and finding an ideal partner.

After he married, Aretakis wondered why so many women settle for men who aren’t right for them; he began to talk to women and reflect on his own experiences as a single man. With these anecdotes, along with advice and exercises, “Ditching Mr. Wrong” provides women with tools for finding an ideal man and building a healthy, quality relationship.

The handbook includes a “Dating Litmus Test,” a comprehensive checklist with which women can analyze whether or not a guy has the potential to be a long-term mate. The guide also includes profiles of the 20 worst types of men to get involved with, and tools on how to increase a woman’s “Mr. Wrong-savvy.”

In a book that Aretakis dedicates to “the millions of women each year searching for Mr. Right,” he also looks at the mistakes women frequently make in relationships, how to end a bad relationship, and advice on getting back into the dating field.

Aretakis was a mathematics major at Hobart, before receiving an electrical engineering degree at Columbia University. He began working in sales and marketing in the high-tech industry, eventually becoming a senior executive. Aretakis has a family-run business that offers humane solutions for walking your dog, and is also the author of “No More Ramen: The 20-Something’s Real World Survival Guide: Straight Talk on Jobs, Money, Balance, Life, and More.”