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Cooney’s Editorial in D&C

Senior Jeremy Cooney had an editorial on voting published in the March 31 Democrat and Chronicle. In the article titled “How to win young voters? Quit skirting vital issues,” Cooney advised John Kerry and George Bush not to neglect the 18- to 24-year-old voter population, as they might swing the election just as targeting “soccer moms” did for Bill Clinton.

“The common conception is that America’s youth takes the power of the vote for granted,” said Cooney. “This, however, is utterly false. Instead we, as the future of America, are merely disenchanted with a system that year after year has sidestepped important issues that resonate with us.”

“But why not talk about the issues of higher education funding, unemployment, abortion and the environment in a more meaningful and comprehensive way?” said Cooney “'Meaningful' meaning a rich and vibrant dialogue with clear standpoints and effective solutions in response to these challenging issues.”